92% of FI’s surveyed ready to originate Same Day ACH debits

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NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association, the steward and rule maker of the ACH Network, has released results from a March-April 2017 qualitative survey of 24 financial institutions representing two-thirds of ACH origination volume on implementation readiness for Same Day ACH debits on the effective date of Sept. 15, 2017.

After the successful rollout of Same Day ACH for credits last year, and with less than 100 days remaining until the effective date for Same Day ACH debits, the nation’s top financial institutions are poised to deliver benefits and opportunities to their customers, whether they are large businesses or individual account holders.

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According to NACHA survey results, 92% of respondents will be ready to originate same day debit transactions on the effective date, and 63% have reported that their clients have a high to medium interest in originating Same Day ACH debits. 100% of respondents will be ready to receive Same Day ACH debits on the effective date.

“Same Day ACH debits provide the option to make payments faster, and can give consumers a better sense of their current account balances, which delivers capabilities endorsed by consumer advocate groups,” said Janet Estep, president and CEO of NACHA. “Receipt of Same Day ACH debit transactions will be ubiquitous – reaching every U.S. bank account holder beginning on Sept. 15, 2017.”

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